„Filipino Fighting Arts“ is the personal Filipino Martial Arts style of Guro Timm Blaschke and Guro Marcus Ruddies. It‘s a modern blend of different fighting arts mainly from the Philippines.

Together the two founders can look back on more than 50 years‘ Martial Arts experience and gradings in about 20 different styles. Filipino Martial Arts styles which they have trained up to instructor grades are Kali Sikaran, Inosanto Kali, Inayan Eskrima and Doce Pares. Other styles which they have practiced on a regular basis and got graded in are VGT-Method of Arnis, Modern Arnis, Balintawak and FCS Kali. But there are many other styles and masters that leave a mark in their skills and also in this program, some examples are styles like the Warriors Eskrima, Lameco Eskrima, Kali de Leon or Kombatan Arnis.

The goal in designing this style was not only to combine the most effective and most field-tested techniques of different styles, but to unite them into an integrated concept. Also we would like to teach not only techniques, but also principles and tactics. Having a tactic is what makes the difference between professionals and amateurs. It is like in other sports, whether it is basketball, ice hockey, football or boxing - the players all know the techniques of their specific sports, but the team or person with the better strategy usually wins. Law enforcement officers, military officers or firemen, they all have a professional plan of action - that is the key that helps them to act focused and target oriented. That is why our wish is not only to teach techniques for self defense, but also the fundamental principles and tactics of efficient fighting and to help develop a focused mind.

Filipino Fighting Arts teaches the complete range of close quarter combat, Filipino Trapping, Boxing, Kickboxing and Grappling, stick and knife fighting and defense. We train in long, medium and close range, in standing position as well as on the ground. Our goal is to teach our FFA students the diversity and effectiveness of the entire Filipino Martial Arts, combined from various respectable styles as well as techniques developed by the founders themselves to make our students well rounded Martial Artists.

The style Filipino Fighting Arts is a complete and highly effective warrior art, but our aim is not to build up ancient warriors. The goal is to pass on the ability to defend themselves and others if needed to our students, as well as to provide an art and sport with tradition, culture, deep concepts, and understanding and last but not least fitness and lots of fun.


About our ranking structure

In Filipino Fighting Arts, we wear black pants and t-shirts in different colours, depending on the rank of the practitioner.

In Filipino Fighting Arts we have 6 student levels. Beginning students, as well as level1 and level 2 students wear white t-shirts with a black Filipino Fighting Arts logo.

The level 1 and level 2 students have an additional grading patch on their left leg of their trousers with one or two stripes according to their level.

                            T-Shirts Men beginner

When our students reach level 3, we consider them as advanced students. In level 3 to 6 the students wear white t-shirts with a black and red Filipino Fighting Arts logo.

The level 3 to level 6 students have an additional grading patch at the left leg of their trousers with the according number of stripes.

T-Shirts Men advanced

The grey Filipino Fighting Arts t-shirt with the black and red logo are reserved for FFAA Apprentice Instructors.

If a student shows commitment to the Filipino Fighting Arts and his training, assists in a FFAA club, and reaches at least level 3 he or she can join our Instructor Training Program (FFAA ITP). The student can then achieve the FFAA Instructor D-License (Apprentice Instructor).

The Filipino Fighting Arts Assocation also offers an Open University Course for instructors from other martial arts who would like to supplement their training and expand the portfolio of their club by starting up an additional Filipino Fighting Arts class. They can apply for our distance learning course to get the FFAA Apprentice Instructor License which allows them to officially teach Filipino Fighting Arts. More about this course under Instructor Training.

T-Shirts Men grey

The Filipino Fighting Arts "blackbelts" wear black t-shirts with the colored Filipino Fighting Arts logo.

From the 1st degree blackbelt up to the 5th degree our blackbelts have the according number of red stripes at their left t-shirt sleeve to symbolize their rank. Also we call our blackbelts ranks by their Filipino names:
Lakan Isa (1st degree blackbelt)
Lakan Dalawa (2nd degree blackbelt)
Lakan Tatlo (3rd degree blackbelt)
Lakan Apat (4th degree blackbelt)
Lakan Lima (5th degree blackbelt)

After this there are the masters degrees. They have their name and title at their left t-shirt sleeve and additional appliqué.

T-Shirts Men black


About the program

The Filipino Fighting Arts Association provides a program CD for each level. This CD contains the curriculum of the level and hundreds of step-by-step explanations with pictures to visualize the techniques. Additional the CDs contain video clips to explain techniques which are hard to show with pictures. 

To give you an impression, we provide to you a look inside to our Level 1 program. Please have a look: